Look at the Cost below the Surface

Let the experts at General Fasteners Company help lower the Total Cost of Ownership for your Fasteners and Assembly Components by helping you lower ALL your costs. Not only will we source your components from one of our global supply partners to ensure you get the right price for the parts you need, we will help you optimize your purchasing, logistics, quality, and inventory costs.

It takes a holistic approach to your component needs to ensure the Total Lowest Cost including considerations for: Engineering, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Operational Excellence. Let us help you lower your total costs and increase your bottom line!

Things to consider when determining
your Total Cost of Ownership:

  1. How many suppliers do you manage compared to the overall spend of these components? Can you place a value on the reduction of a supplier from your vendor base?
  2. How do you know you are using the most cost effective product for your application? Have you had an engineering review lately to ensure you’re not missing out on the newest technology available in the market?
  3. What is the cost of excess inventory for your company? Can you put a value on the floor space being used for storing your components? What else could you do with the cash you can free up by optimizing inventory levels?
  4. How far do your parts travel inside your plant before they make it to the production line? Do they make a stop at QC? Are they stored in a warehouse before used? Does a “material handler” move them from storage to their use point? Non-value added costs for excessive motion add up fast!
  5. What are your costs of quality? How much could you save by having a supplier with certified labs, full inspection capabilities, and lot traceable inventory management programs?

Request a consultation today and let one of our experts show you just how much you can save by looking at the costs below the surface, not just the obvious piece price!