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Assembly Strategy Validation

The key to a properly assembled joint is controlling the relationship between torque and tension (clamp load).

General Fastener’s engineering support testing is second to none in the industry. We provide professional assembly validation at our dedicated Engineering and Testing Center.

Our specialty is testing fastened joints. We offer ultrasonic clamp load measurement, torque/tension/compression testing, and coefficient of friction (COF) measurement.

We are A2LA Accredited. To see our certificate, click here.
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Ultrasonic Clamp Load Measurement

For true in-service assembly validation, the clamping force must be measured in the production application. This means avoiding any joint modification which would be required to insert clamp load measurement devices such as load washers. We accomplish this by measuring bolt stretch with an ultrasound wave. As needed, we can even perform these measurements in your assembly plant using your production tools!

Contact us for a visit to learn more about this technology and how it provides your engineers with accurate clamp load information.

Benchtop Torque / Tension Testing

Utilizing our Schatz Torque/tension test system and a wide variety of DC tools, torque transducers, load cells, and fixtures; we can perform standardized tests to monitor the torque/tension performance of the supplied fastener and the fastener finish.

Coefficient of Friction (COF) Measurement

We can measure total COF, as well as a breakdown of underhead COF and thread COF. Our lab professionals will use this information to understand the sources of torque/tension variation.

Customized Testing

We design our tests to mimic your application and service conditions. Tests include:
Fatigue Tests – verifies the long-term reliability of the fastener or fastened joint.
Elevated Temperature Tests – considers the effect of heat cycles on sustaining joint clamp load.
Part Cleanliness – monitor effectiveness of supplier processes to minimize contamination.

Engineering Test Request Form

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Engineering Test Request Form