Materials Management

At General Fasteners, we expertly manage the purchase price, product quality, delivery options, logistics, and inventory levels to provide the best total in-place cost for our customers.


Our diverse supply base is comprised of more than 800 domestic and worldwide suppliers. This gives our supply team a wide range of options to select from when making sourcing decisions. We continuously develop and collaborate with sources that focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to ensure appropriate alignment with our customers’ needs, our organizational goals, and market conditions.

There are a number of actions we take to ensure consistency across the supply base. These include tracking quality, service and on-time delivery. By tracking and monitoring these key performance indicators, we are able to watch for trends and can benchmark suppliers against their competition.

Logistics Support

We can configure a supply system that works with your operations. Our integrated system moves product from our warehouse to your dock, your storeroom, or your line.

GFC’s professional logistics planners provide cost-effective solutions. To achieve efficiencies, we consider all the options:

  • Delivery frequency: delivery to dock, in-plant crib, or to the point of use.
  • Expendable or returnable containers: bulk or measured quantities and, where suitable, sequenced pallets.
  • Error-free control: electronic data interchange and bar coded labels.