More Than Fasteners!

With over 100,000 SKU’s, General Fasteners Company is your source for a wide range of Fastener and Assembly Components in over 40 product categories. Over half the items we supply are specifically engineered for our customer’s unique applications, and many are non-fastener items such as stampings, molded plastics and composites, mechanical assemblies, kits of various configurations, fittings, private labeled products, and many more.

We work with over 800 suppliers from around the globe to offer you a one-stop shop for all your Assembly component needs. By managing these products through one of our custom-tailored VMI programs, you can rest assured that you will receive the lowest total in-place cost available in the marketplace.

Standard Fasteners

Standard Image

Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Washers

General Fasteners has the part you need in all of the popular finishes and sizes.

Engineered Solutions

Designed for a specific purpose/application, “engineered” fasteners provide you with the solution you need for your most demanding applications. Let one of our highly trained technical representatives assist you in finding the Right Part at the Right Cost!

Proprietary Brands

General Fasteners offers some of the most popular proprietary brands in the industry including full-factory support. Examples of these brands include: Alcoa, AVK, ESNA, SPS, Tinnerman, and many more.

C-Class Components

We work closely with manufactures of such items as latches, hinges, gaskets and gasket materials, gas springs, fittings, keys, castings, wire routing hardware, cable ties, and many other non-fastener products. Let us show you our wide selection of products by requesting a consultation today.


Many of our customers rely on the accuracy and flexibility of our kitting operations. We custom kit components such as fasteners and hardware, instruction manuals, purchased components, and even components produced by our customers. In addition to bagged and boxed kits, we offer packaging solutions such as skin boards and blister packs that are end-customer and consumer friendly.


With a focus on providing the most cost-effective, efficient solution for your production floor, we help you eliminate the labor-intensive task of manual assembly of small components. By working closely with a number of suppliers, both domestically and overseas, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of assembly options. Let us help you free up labor, increase throughput, and reduce your vendor base by outsourcing your assembly operations through General Fasteners Company.